Ready to end waste?

Not all plastics are the same. PET plastic is made to be remade. Always Recycle the 1.

Ready to end waste?

It’s not waste. Join our mission to give every PET bottle the new life it’s designed to have. Always Recycle the 1.

Ready to end waste?

Safe and hygienic. PET plastic keeps our food and drinks fresh. Always Recycle the 1.

Ready to end waste?

Low carbon champion. PET plastic has a lower carbon footprint than glass or aluminium*. Always Recycle the 1.

(*Trayak, 2021)

Ready to end waste?

Reusable. The future is here. Depending on where you live, you might be holding a reusable PET bottle. 

Your guide to plastic recycling

Recycling is the most effective way to prevent waste from entering our environment. It ensures that packaging stays in a closed loop and is used again and again. But how do we know we’re making the right choices with the products we buy and if we’re recycling them correctly? Which plastics can be recycled? Which can’t? And what about the misinformation about recycling that is spreading online?

Check out our comprehensive recycling guide for all the answers.

Ready to end waste?

Meet the world’s most recycled plastic.

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Benefits of PET

Have you heard about PET? It’s the smart packaging choice for many reasons. PET is:

Fully recyclable





Energy efficient